We supply medical health care for clinic and home use.

Johan Jaya Solutions (KT 0249088-K)
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To contribute to the economic growth by becoming one of the most reliable, trusted suppliers and to accommodate medical and scientific product based to the quality and specification entailed by the consumers.

Our Mission is to be recognized one of the leading supplier companies and well known for manufacturing and supplying high quality medical, surgical and scientific product at a competitive price to the current market value.

Our Vision is to be the number one manufacturing and supplying company of medical, surgical and scientific product throughout Malaysia and making JOHAN JAYA SOLUTIONS a well known brand in the field of practice.

Our Service Philoshophy

Commitment to

We maintain a strong belief that success is about maintaining a strong commitment to quality in every aspect of our service. Therefore when we accept assignments from our customers, their problems become our top responsibilities. This commitment to quality helps us provide all the supply solutions that customers need.


We guarantee immediate personal attention to all of our customers’ enquiries and requests. We work closely with them as dedicated partners. In this way, we understand their needs better and are in the best position to fulfil their requirements in an effective and efficient manner.


Our service is just a call, fax or e-mail away. Right after receiving customers request or enquiry, we will dispatch our staff to discuss, plan and arrange for the requested or enquired matter to be dealt efficiently and effectively.